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A Transformational Week in D-Codes™ 2: Learning to Let Go and Embrace our Authentic Selves

d-codes™ Aug 29, 2022

This transformational week in D-Codes™ 2 was all about getting to know ourselves better. We learned how to let go of our triggers and get comfortable and confident in our ability to get hands-on with our clients. We also embraced our authentic selves and allowed ourselves to be truly open and vulnerable. This was an incredibly powerful experience; I know we will all carry the lessons we learned here throughout our careers!

I have to be honest... I thought I was ready, that I did the work, and was ready to build my confidence in the tools I was learning, but it was so much more than that. I still had a lot of work to do. I still had triggers come forward, I had to find even more of my voice, and I had to learn to sync up with my fellow classmates and work as a unified group, not as an individual healer. Our achievement in completing this program is based on my showing up, being present, and being equal to everyone there. No more, no less.

So many times in my life, I trusted others and was unsatisfied with the results or even got burned. I lost a lot of friendships and partnerships after trusting them to be something they were not. So when I had to sync up as a group and work as a group, I had a lot of fear come forward. Fear that I would be let down again, fear that someone was out to sabotage what I was working so hard to achieve. But in reality, they were there to support me (and I them) to achieve the same goal and accomplishment. We had the same morals and values, and my journey became indescribable once I synced up with that energy.

It was really challenging for me to sync up with others. Being open and vulnerable with everyone was difficult, but I knew it was important. We all have our own stories and need to be heard. In order to truly help others, we need to be authentic and present with them. This week taught me to be more present and listen with my heart. I am so grateful for this experience and for the lessons I learned!

Another big piece I learned this week was being open to receiving. I love working with clients and supporting them and their healing, but I have a hard time receiving the same support. I am constantly giving and rarely allow myself to be on the receiving end. This week I had to let go of that control and allow others to support me. It was really hard, but also really beautiful. I am so thankful for the people who were able to support me this week!

How often do we see ourselves giving and giving but never allowing for the receiving? I am guilty of this more often than I would like to admit. We live in a society that values productivity and doing rather than being. This week was a powerful reminder that we need to make time for both giving and receiving if we want to be truly balanced.

This week was a true turning point for me, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in it. I know the skills and lessons I learned here will be with me forever, and I am excited to see how they continue to transform my life and work! Thank you, D-Codes™ team, for another life-changing experience!