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The 10 Best Business Tools to Help You Stay Productive

Nov 06, 2022

Finding the right tools to help you stay productive is essential as a business owner. There are so many different options out there. Knowing which ones are worth your time and money can be hard. That's why we've put together a list of our favorite tools that we use every day to help us run our businesses!

(please note: this blog post has affiliate links!)

Jasper is my go-to AI program for content creation and marketing. Jasper has a wide range of templates that make creating high-quality, engaging content easy. With Jasper, you can choose the tone and style of your content, and Jasper will do the rest. Jasper also ensures that your content is plagiarism-free and optimized for SEO, so you can be confident that your content will reach your target audience. Jasper is the perfect solution if you're looking for a hassle-free way to create great content.

 2.) Kajabi
Kajabi is my go-to platform. It houses all my courses, PODcast, landing pages, marketing funnels, booking, and all the things. I also have some great tips and tricks on how you can create several landing pages and funnels to keep you on the lower side of Kajabi until you are manifesting Godesses and ready to level up to the business level!

3.) Canva
Canva is my go-to design tool for creating everything from social media posts to e-book covers. I love how easy it is to use and how it has everything I need to create beautiful designs. Plus, the templates and copywriting features make it a snap to crank out high-quality designs in record time. Whether I'm looking for a quick and easy way to create stunning visuals or I need to produce some high-quality design work, Canva is always my first choice.

I'm often asked where I get the stunning photos I use for my social media content, website, and courses. Inspired Stock Shop is my go-to source for high-quality, creative stock photos. I love that I can find exactly what I'm looking for in seconds, and the price is unbeatable. Inspired Stock Shop is the perfect place to start, whether you're looking for specific shots or just browsing for inspiration. With a huge selection of categories and a user-friendly interface, you'll be sure to find the perfect images for your next project. So why wait? Sign up today and see for yourself! 

5.) PreSonus Audio Box 96 Studio Recording Bundle
This is the recording system I use for all my recordings and lives! It comes with the software for your computer, mic, headphones, etc. It's a great starter kit for anyone looking to record their own audio, podcast, or course materials, and it comes at an affordable price. Plus, PreSonus has amazing customer service and support, so you'll never feel lost or unsure while using this system.

 6.) SmallRig Universal Phone Video Ring Kit
I love this portable recording studio! It's easy to take anywhere and has some great sound recording for how small it is, and it comes with a mini light.

The only downside to this is in order to connect your mic to your phone, you have to have a headset jack, and most smartphones don't have that anymore, thanks to Bluetooth.

 7.) Sensyne 10'' Ring Light with 50'' Extendable Tripod Stand

Another favorite of mine! I use this ring light to take my own pictures for social media, websites, and content! My phone has the ability to register a countdown for the picture simply by raising my hand, and I love it! The ring light gives me fantastic lighting, and the tripod has been sturdy enough for all my needs. Plus, it's affordable and easy to assemble.

 8.) Wireless Microphone for iPhone
For all you iPhone users, this is a great little mic for recording! Bo Mathews has these and uses them for his own podcast interviews and spotlight videos, and they work amazingly! And they're small and easy to take anywhere with you. So if you have an iPhone and don't want to invest in a whole recording system just yet, this is a great alternative.

 9.) Alvantor Pop Up Bubble Tent - 10’ x 10’
I don't even think I need to sell you on this one, lol. With Missouri weather and having classes and events all year round, I decided to get this adorable little pop-up bubble!

It allows me the opportunity to host things inside and out, and I just purchased a little hanging heater off amazon to go in the inside to keep things snuggly warm! It's been a hit at events, and I love the clear walls to see the natural beauty around me. Plus, it's easy to put up and take down for storage!

 10.) Google Drive
Google Drive is my go-to for keeping everything organized and accessible from anywhere. I use it for sharing documents, hosting presentations, managing projects, and collaborating with team members. It's a lifesaver for keeping everything in one place and staying on top of deadlines. Plus, the storage is unlimited (as long as you're using it for work or school-related things). So why not make your life easier and give Google Drive a try? Trust me, you won't regret it.

These are a few of my favorite things when it comes to keeping my business growing and running smoothly. What are some of your go-to tools? Share them with me in the comments! Happy creating!