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Sacred Rituals

candle rituals rituals sacred baths Jul 06, 2021

Why I love Rituals

When I entered into Sacred Priesthood, stepping into ritual was about finding myself and learning how to feel and connect in a way that really flowed for me and how I work energetically. When working with the different collectives, elements, or changes of seasons, they all have a specific energy frequency and intention field. Those energies and intentions have a meaning that resonates to me in a way that allows me to take the next right step and has become a powerful tool to have.

So how can you dive into rituals without plugging into them?

Rituals are meant to be supportive and non-limiting. When we step into ritual, we are taking a moment to pause, be present, and step into our authentic selves, connecting to the different energies around us. This process should be natural to you and in flow with your own energy signature and intentions. When we limit ourselves by feeling that we have to follow strict rules and lock ourselves into specific timelines for how to practice, that’s a really good sign we are plugging into that grid.

Where you can incorporate ritual in your daily life

Rituals can be used in many ways. Selfcare, healing and releasing, clearing and resetting the energy of our spaces, to name a few. Here are some basic rituals you could use to support yourself and your magic. Be sure to truth test for yourself which aspects feel most supportive to you, bringing in anything that you want to add and simply omitting or changing up those elements that aren’t in alignment with yourself and your intentions.

Sacred Bath - Grab your favorite bath salts, oils, crystals, herbs, etc. As the water fills, set your intentions of what you are wanting to release and what healing you would like to bring into this sacred bath. Light a candle (or a few). Soak in your bath for a min of 20 mins, and when done let the gunk you released be washed down the drain. 

You can do the same in the shower, just make sure your crystals are water friendly.

Space Shifting and Resetting - Stepping into a ritual to clear and shift your spaces energetically anytime you need it is so fun. One of my favorite ways to do this is by burning sage (or any herb), walking through the home, and energetically feeling the space of each room. What needs to leave this space, and what needs to come into this space. 

You could also use sound to reset the energy of the space. And opening a window or doing a simple tidy-up before moving to your next task or interaction.

Fire Rituals - These are a great tool to use when releasing old timelines and trajectories, setting intentions, manifesting new opportunities, and healing. When you have some big energetic work of releasing, light a black candle, stating out loud the things you want to release, and then allow that candle to burn. 

You can do the same with a white candle to bring in powerful manifestations or healing. The reason I like to use colored candles is because colors have supporting energy too. I prefer black and white, but you may prefer blue and green or even burning in your cauldron instead of candles. Make this your own and do what resonates with you.

Rituals are a beautiful way to connect and be in flow with your authentic self. Dive deeper into your magic and to create a process to ground and come back to self. Where can you use a little more ritual in your life?